Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC) Success Story

As a young chemical engineer working for a major company, B.G. Dhake specialized in solving difficult problems and holds several patents for the paint formulas he developed. Each time he received a patent, his company rewarded him with $200 and a pat on the back. It didn’t take Dhake long to decide that if this multi-billion dollar company could make money using his brain that he could too.

Therefore Dhake Industries was born in 1978. But there was a problem – a non-compete clause prohibited Dhake from producing paints, so he needed to develop a new product. That product was “White Out” correction fluid. The start-up company was profitable from their first month in business. Since that time, Dhake Industries has grown and evolved, and now is a leading supplier of specialty coatings for engineered plastics. Their coatings are used globally on plastic wheel covers for leading U.S., European, and Japanese automakers, and they have exclusive coating applications with several manufacturers.

What’s the secret to Dhake’s success? — An entrepreneurial spirit, industry knowledge, quality products, research and development, and lots of hard work. The entrepreneurial spirit is what helped Dhake Industries to become QS-9000 certified in a period of only six months. They participated with a group of 29 minority-owned automotive suppliers in a QS-9000 training program funded by the Michigan Jobs Commission, and sponsored by the Big 3 Quality Task Force, the Automotive Industry Action Group, the Michigan Minority Business Council and the MMTC.

Dhake Industries begins work on Plymouth office expansion

More new economy jobs are heading to Metro Detroit now that one of its companies is expanding its office space.

Dhake Industries is renovating and expanding its global headquarters on the 15100 block of Northville Road in Plymouth. Plymouth-based DeMattia Group is renovating the existing building and building a 2-story addition. The extra space will add about one-third of the space it already leases.

“It’s enough to make a sizable marketing area for them to showcase their products,” says Michele Liotino, marketing manager for DeMattia Group.

The renovated and additional space will be used for engineering, research and development, quality assurance and application laboratories. It will facilitate an expansion of the company, but Liotino declined to say how much or how many jobs would be created. She did say that Dhake Industries sees the current economic decline as an opportunity to position itself for future growth.

“They’re taking advantage of the opportunity right now to build so they have all of the products in line and ready to go,” Liotino says.

Dhake Industries, founded in 1979, is a supplier of specialty coatings for engineered plastics and a minority owned company.

Dhake Industries

Dhake Industries broke ground on a two-story addition to their existing facility. Dhake is a leading supplier of specialty coatings for Engineered plastics. Plymouth Township based DeMattia Group is doing the addition and renovations to their current facility. Pictured are B.G. Dhake, President & CEO, Arjun Dhake, Vice President of Development, their wives and Chamber Director Wes Graff.